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The Silent Tombs: Video


"The Silent Tombs" is a procedurally generated, atmospheric puzzle game, with hints of action-roguelike, platforming and psychological horror.

Under a millstone, clogged with dirt, grass and roots, hidden from the world for thousands of years, you find a Tomb Complex, filled with strange symbols, traps, treasures and the start of a hidden story, spanning hundreds of years and completely forgotten... until now.

Using a plethora of innovative game dynamics and an educational approach to UK History, involving authentic facts, culture and an archive of knowledge for players to learn more about Heritage across the British Isles, "The Silent Tombs" is meant to be much more than a game, but a window into a fascinating history many people may not be aware about.



The player carries a Decibel Meter at all times. Any action you take, any mistaken step or accidental interaction could cause a disturbance.

The Tomb will change as the ambient noise rises to dangerous levels, so moderating your movement is crucial; only run when you have to, only touch objects when it's necessary. Otherwise, something horrific might happen...


Danger takes a different form in "The Silent Tombs"; Instead of spike traps, swinging logs or poisonous snakes, the Tombs are equipped with ancient alarm systems.

Press the wrong button, or stand on the wrong pressure plate, and mysterious sounds will resonate through the Tomb, and once the Ambient Sound reaches 100%...



We are using development techniques to create as immersive an experience as possible.

We are using Unity's HDRP Pipeline for HD Textures, Volumetric Lighting and complex Particle Effects, as well as incorporating Wwise's Audio Integration to create an immersive  that truly immerse the player in the game.


As well as using Procedural Generation to ensure every Tomb the player visits is completely random, every clue the player uncovers about the forgotten empire is also randomly generated in a new system called "Procedural Narration".

Every player receives their own saga spanning the rise and fall of the forgotten empire, with any combination of personalities, events, battles and betrayals.

Concept Art Piece #3 - CIrcular Puzzle.j
Concept Art Piece #4 - Rickety


Simply looting the Tombs and escaping isn't enough to progress through the game; in order to unlock new Tombs and uncover new character buried within, players have to restore historical artefacts and learn about their history.

The information you learn is more valuable than the treasures you collect. Each Tomb's location is unique for each player, so only by studying the information you gather in the previous Tombs will you discover the location of the next.

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