Newsletter #8 - 4th April 2021

Hi All!

First off, a Happy Easter to everyone eating chocolate eggs right now; I'm really excited to show some screenshots of our updated lighting. Konstantinos has been hard at work re-organising our light settings to optimize volumetrics, and after migrating the settings over to the project we've had some really amazing results.

I'm gonna be working on creating more content (finally) now that my workload over the last two weeks is easing up (having a long Easter weekend really helped), so hopefully, there'll be a lot more content to show soon!

I was looking at a really interesting site on the Isle of Skye, one of the most prominent of the western Scottish Islands. It's another Pictish Symbol Stone called Clach Ard.

Located five miles north-west of Portree, it's only one of two known engraved stones on the Isle. It's believed to date back to the 7th century AD and may have been placed by Pictish settlers who populated the Isle around the same time. Despite some heavy weathering, it is roughly a irregular five-sided prism between 4 and 5 feet tall.

Until 1880, this stone was used in a door-jamb of a house in Tote, where it was recognised as a symbol stone and removed to its present site. Something similar actually happened with the Bransbutt Symbol Stone as well; however there was a legend that supposedly came with the stone, that it could never be kept inside the house. It's a fun superstition, and it's something i really want to keep a mental note of; this might be a common legend for recovered Symbol Stones across Scotland.

It has six (or three, depending on how you read it) symbols identifiable on its surface:

- Crescent and V-Rod

- Double Disc and Z-Rod

- 'Mirror-and-Comb'

These are really interesting, as these are matched in several of the logs I found; it's also possible, that like Egyptian or Hittite hieroglyphs, or even modern Kanji, that multiple marks actually mean something when written together. I'm hoping to find some info on how these marks can be read in the future.

Thanks a lot, speak to you all next week!


(PS. Sorry about the late post, Wix had technical issues uploading pictures!)


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