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Newsletter #7 - 28th March 2021

Hi All!

It's not been a slow week for me... it's been literally a standstill. Absolutely nothing. However, I am in negotiations with a freelance VFX to overhaul my very clumsy attempts to use Unity's VFX graph, and I'll be integrating Houdini (the special effects software, not the magician) into Unity's pipeline, but thankfully there is already a tool provided to integrate Houdini's tools into Unity. Plus, we can integrate a customizable tool for the Houdini VFX Graph that allows for multiple usages! I'm excited about it, moving forwards.

I wanted to go completely off-book this week! If Jarlshof on the Shetland Islands is one of the most northern parts of the UK, then Cornwall is one of the most southern; I'd like to talk about Men-An-Tol today.

Men-An-Tol is a 'standing stone' site, one of thousands across the UK, but what makes Men-An-Tol so interesting is the fascinating torus-shaped hole; In fact, 'Men-An-Tol' is cornish for 'Stone of the Hole'.

Believed to have been erected back in the Bronze Age, Men-An-Tol consists of four stones; two standing granite stones, one fallen stone and the iconic circled stone in the middle. However, the original circle was believed to have been around 19 stones; however, a lot of Cornish sites have histories of stones being re-used for housing, shoring or even other stone circles.

Like above, the holed stone was assumed to have ritualistic purposes; similar to Newgrange in Ireland, the holed stone is lined up so that a shadow is cast from the rising sun; so it's possible that it was designed around the Summer Solstice. There's also a fun myth I found that Men-An-Tol possesses healing powers, and that one of the local traditions is to pass through the hole in the stone to invoke this!

Thanks so much for reading! I'm also really excited that @Brezelkorb asked me a question in the #dev-qa channel on Discord, and I really encourage people to ask questions, even pop up for a chat! I always get really happy when I see people engage with the Discord, and I honestly love seeing it!

I'll talk to you all next week!



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