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Newsletter #6 - 21st March 2021

Hi All!

I've been completely slammed with work this week so I haven't had any chance to get any work done on 'The Silent Tombs', but Konstantinos has some great new models he's been working on!

This is part of a set of small assets he's creating so we can create scenes like the one I took pics of in Blackfriars Cemetary;

So I'm excited to see the rest of the kit!

There's a really interesting type of cairn called a 'Clava' type cairn based in Corrimony, south-west of Inverness called Corrimony Chambered Cairn.

Corrimony Chambererd Cairn is special as it is ringed with a small moat, and an intact stone circle; 'Clava' type cairns usually refer to a combination of stone circles, passage graves and ring cairns; this is a type of cairn unique to 50 sites around the area of Inverness and Moray Firth.

The grave, after excavation in 1952 was believed to have been the tomb of a very high status Pictish woman; Pictish architecture is usually circular and symmetrical, different from the competing Roman Italian architecture to the south which was comprised of rectangular structures. It, like a lot of Celtic / Pictish Sites in Scotland was formed with dry masonry; the stones were carved to slot together without mortar, and like you can see above, it creates some really amazing looking walls.

Thanks a lot for reading!



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