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Newsletter #3 - 21st Feb 2021

Hi All, I hope everyone has had a great week!

During this week, I've managed to put together a bunch of helpful C# tools to help felicitate some quick and painless development prefabs; I've also been able to build the first Large Room Puzzle; the old civilizations of the British Isles ware acutely aware of the night sky so I've put together a great puzzle involving the constellations in the night sky.

It's been a lot of fun to put together; and, no spoilers but we have a ton of fun content in progress to show next week!

I wanted to depart momentarily from Orkney to talk about the fascinating Pictish culture of Scotland for our next featured site; the largest cross-slab stone of its type in Scotland, Sueno's Stone.

Sueno's Stone stands 6.5m in height, and is covered in some acutely fascinating artwork; as well as nine mounted warriors in three lines of three leading a retinue of foot soldiers and archers, it is flanked with vine-like crosses, and distinctly Celtic Crosses.

Erected in 850-905AD (current estimate), it is thought to commemorate the battle of King Dubh mac Ailpin against the Men of Moray in 966, near Kinloss. Two bearded figures (possibly priests?) seem to be kneeling in front of a central figure, thought to be the King. It's been compared to the 'Bayeaux Tapesty in stone', as this might be a story carved into Sueno's Stone to record this event for posterity.

These Celtic carvings on the back of the stone are really inspiring for me; it does show that there are a lot of shared aesthetics between the Picts (named by the Romans, meaning the 'Painted Ones') and the Celts of the south. It says a lot about the diverse cultures that may have intertwined during these fascinating times!

I really appreciate everyone reading these posts, and I hope everyone has a great week!



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