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Newsletter #13 - 30th May 2021

Hi All!

We're now so close to being able to announce our news! Please stay posted, we'll be able to share our news in the next Newsletter, absolutely! It's been a long road, and we've been through so much; I personally want to thank everyone who's been waiting for us to share, the last few weeks have been so much work that I'm still annoyed I didn't have the time for the two missed Newsletters in mid-May.

I'm still swamped, so it'll be a short Newsletter this week; I thought it would be fun to do something different by looking at an excavation; I want to do a deep dive into Sutton Hoo next week as it is very close to my heart; I grew up around the site and visited it with my Granddad several times while I was growing up, and so I'll do a quick look at the initial site visit.

Sutton Hoo is the famous Suffolk excavation of a Viking Funeral Ship; the ship was originally excavated in 1939 by Basil Brown (This is a good time to mention, but the Netflix film 'The Dig' is based on Basil's excavations of the property! If you're interested in sites around the UK, it's totally worth watching, it's an incredible film) an amateur archaeologist who requested access from the wealthy widow to uncover a set of mounds on the site.

I'll get back to Sutton Hoo's treasures in the next Newsletter, with our great news!



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