Newsletter #10 - 18th April 2021

Hi All!

Konstantin has some fantastic new assets for me to share with you all, and I am hard at work completing the platforming puzzle room; We also have some VERY exciting news coming up on the horizon! it will be at least a month before we can announce, a lot of moving parts, but I am seriously looking forward to being able to share with everyone!

I wanted to look at a classic chambered tomb in northern Scotland (on the coast, south of John O'Groats) named the Cairn of Get, or Cairn o'Get today; similar to other circular cairn structures, it's another great example of Dry Stone construction, melding into the landscape.

Cairn o'Get is a burial site dating back to the Bronze Age; believed to be over 5000 years old, it is composed of two chambers and the very interesting horned entrance forecourt. it was discovered (or, recognised as a burial cairn) by J Anderson in 1866, according to a record part-written by Anderson in 1869. Neolithic pottery was discovered at the site in 1929 by J.G. Callander, and discussed in his published work covering several cairns and sites around Scotland, it has been partially excavated and seven or more remains were found in the antechamber.

The site is a great example of Dry Stone construction, but it's the horned entrance that really makes this site so interesting; as well as shielding the cairn from the elements, they really frame the entrance in a powerful but simple way that's almost like a minimalist design; there were also wood ash residue, animal bones and flint tools discovered, so the cairn may have also functioned as a living space.

It's a really great site to cover, and it's always great to see a new example of Neolithic architecture. Thanks a lot for reading!


REFS: (This is a fantastic source of information here, my new favourite research site!)

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