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"Isla Obscura" is an Action Platformer, created on the new Vox NFT-based platform "The Sandbox". 


Combining a deep narrative, hack'n'slash combat mechanics and rich environments filled with platforming, "Isla Obscura" is the story of an adventurer who travels to the mysterious Isla Obscura in search of a great treasure, but is ensnared by the island's terrible curse. Shipwrecked and trapped, the adventurer can only traverse inland, meeting other Stranded, fighting wave after wave of the undead Lost Legion and slowly uncovering the truth about the strange island and the ancient civilization that cursed it...

Split into twelve chapters, "Isla Obscura" takes the player through beaches covered in ruins, barren deserts, fetid swamps and howling peaks as they fall deeper into the game's mysteries; and NFT Collections, tied to Isla Obscura's IP are going to be released on a regular basis, for other players to use in their own lands or sell on for profit!

Isla Obscura: Start

S E A S O N   T W O  :  T H E   D E M O N ,  R A M P A G I N G

"Even in the chaos of fighting, all I feel is sadness of the memories left behind."

The first of two packs in the second season of Isla Obscura, 'Titanic Nightmare: Pack #1' is a harrowing collection of undead victims, soldiers, elementals and the giant Nightmare Legion, creating a new population of enemies for a whole new biome of experiences.

"The very earth around me hums with energy, my skin is prickling. In the portal, I only see chaotic darkness, and the promise of everything at my fingertips..."

Obekli Daya, The Constellation Portal has stood for untold millennia, yet still radiates incredible power. A once-in-a-lifetime addition to any experience, this collection is perfect for science fiction / fantasy themed scenes.

Season 2: The Demon, Rampaging

S E A S O N   O N E  :  T H E   S K U L L ,  A D O R N E D

"There is nothing worse on the island that guessing if someone is friend or foe."

The first of two inaugural NFT collections available for purchace of the Sandbox Marketplace, the first pack of 'Allies and Enemies' is a collection of citizens and enemy fighters that can be used to create your own adventures in the Sandbox Game Maker!

"On Isla Obscura, we could only ever look upwards to the stars."

The second of two inaugural NFT collections available for purchace of the Sandbox Marketplace, the first pack of 'Legends of the Zodiac' are huge in scale; four elemental temples, an imposing gate and an ornamental skull can be used to create massive, intimidating landscapes.

Season 1: The Skull, Adorned
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